Multiple Learner Enrolment

Multiple Learner Enrolment on CPD Courses

The group purchase option may be used to enrol multiple staff members on our CPD Certified courses.

What does GROUP (Multiple Learner Enrolment) mean

This refers to the registration of learners under an Admin control termed a GROUP. All learners will receive individual course access when assigned user accounts from the group.

How to purchase
  1. Choose the GROUP option.
  2. Enter the number of user accounts required in the registration box.
  3. Click ADD TO CART.
  4. On the CART page ensure that the number of user accounts required has been correctly entered.
  6. On the CHECKOUT page enter the Bill Payer’s details.
  7. Choose the payment method and tick the ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS box.
  9. Once payment is completed you will receive an email with LOGIN details for your FREE Group Leader account.  Your purchased user account credits will be automatically added to the group and may be assigned to named learners from here.
Do learners have to be enrolled immediately 

No.  User accounts purchased under the group (Multiple Learner Enrolment) option are initially added as credits to the group and will remain dormant indefinitely until they are used for learner registration.  They will never expire.

Enrolling your learners – 90 day licence

Group Leaders may assign user accounts to named learners from their control panel.  Login details are then sent automatically to the learner by email, and thereafter course access is available to the learner account for a period of 90 days from the date they are registered.

How do learners access the course

Learners will receive individual login details by email,  immediately following their registration by the Group Leader.  Learner progress can be monitored from the Group Leader account

Can a Group Leader take the course

Yes.  If a Group Leader wishes to take the course they should assign a user account to their name from the GROUP using a different email address for their learner account.

Payment Methods

Payment options are Card or PayPal and Proforma Invoice for Orders over 5 user accounts. A Proforma Invoice will be issued automatically.

Bulk Purchase Discounts

The discounts available for multiple purchases are
10 – 49 Users (10% OFF)
50 – 139 Users (25% OFF)
140 – 199 Users (32% OFF)
200+ Users (40% OFF)

Discounts are applied automatically on a transaction basis with the group being created immediately following the completed transaction.

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