Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions – Online Vocational Short Courses

Q1. Why use professional certificated training?

Using an accredited training provider like ONE Training Services Ltd ensures that you will receive certificated training which is fully compliant wiith the requirements of all Agencies.

All training providers are duty bound to provide training that is relevant, appropriate and meaningful to the industry. The higher the level of accreditation usually means they have undertaken more rigorous checks and are externally audited to make sure that basically, what they teach is correct.
In fairness, most if not all training providers actually want people to learn and see their role as important in helping to promote safer food.

A certificate is a way of showing that you have taken a test and passed, to demonstrate your understanding.

Q2. Are these courses CIEH Accredited?

No they are not.  They certainly match all aspects of the related CIEH course but without the branding we are able to offer you a fully compliant course at a fraction of the cost.

We are committed to driving down the cost of learning to encourage more people to undertake training.

If we were to sell the CIEH course instead of our course, we would have to at least double the cost of training and we flatly refuse to do this.

Q3. Will an EHO and HSE accept my certificate from ONE Training Services Ltd

The short answer is YES.

So long as your training meets the required standards  (our courses meet these standards) and you can demonstrate proof of learning any inspecting Officer MUST remain impartial. They cannot favour one training company or product over another.

Our course adher to nationally recognised standards that an inspecting officer must recognise.

The important point as we mentioned earlier is that an inspecting officer whether they be from Environmental Health, the Health and Safety Executive or your local council is there to ensure that you are adequately prepared within the law to offer your facilities or services to the general public in a safe manner such that it will not cause injury to any person.

Q4. Who needs these courses?

You do!   Our courses are designed to enable employers and their staff to meet their legal training responsibilities within their are of work.  Most vocations have a commitment to continuing professional development and we strive to produce course materials which can enable users to meet their responsibilities in  the msot cost effective and time efficient manner available. 

Q5. Do the courses have ‘use-by’ dates?

If you register and pay for a course yourself you will have 30 days access to complete the course training material and the test (most complete within 1-2 days).

On gaining a pass in our online exams the course access will then end leaving.  You may download your pass certificate anytime you like,as it is supplied by email.

Q6. Do we print & post you a certificate?

No, we do not print & post certificates.  We send your certificate to you by email only.

You will be able to download your certificate as a PDF document when you pass your test.

By printing the certificate yourself we are able to maintain our unique low price point.

This is entirely legitimate, in accordance with the accreditation guidelines and accepted by your Inspecting Officer.

Q7. If I pay more money, do I get better training?

No, this is certainly not the case.
We have invested in a content rich course which due to the mechanism of its delivery we can offer at an affordable price to our customers.

Q8. Which is better, face to face or on-line?

It purely depends on the individual and the views of the business. Both have very good points.

As a training provider we offer both options.

However, in our OWN opinion we believe on-line is the better choice.

An important factor in choosing training is often cost and time commitment.

Face to face is more expensive as they have to cover a trainers wage and the room hire.

On-line courses starting at £10.00 for example, often mean that a business will “clean sweep” and put their entire staff through on-line training for approx. the same cost of sending one person on a face to face course.

We also believe on-line offers more flexibility.

A learner can choose when THEY want to study.
It may be in the evening, at the weekend, when there is a slow day. The choice is their own.

You can study in one go or for example in 30 minute bite sized chunks.
Again, it is the learner’s choice. They are not tied to an exact date to attend a face to face course.

With all on-line products, as long as you have internet access, you can study from anywhere in the world. 24/7.

Business Benefits of On-Line Training

From a business perspective, you don’t have to arrange day long classroom training which is usually more expensive and has the extra hidden cost of additional staff cover whilst someone attends a course.

Many businesses let staff come in a few hours later or go home earlier so they can spend time studying whilst at quiet times in the day. Again, the flexibility allows you to decide when and where.

Q8. Why should I buy the Level 2 course?

As a company our mission has always been to deliver the highest quality  training at the lowest possible cost.

We genuinely believe we have one of the best quality on-line product ranges on the market at the lowest price.

We are committed to permanently maintaining a low price position, and always will do so.

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