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The Basics Of The online Food Allergen Awareness Course

The Food Allergen Awareness Course is a CPD Certified online food allergen awareness course which offers learners a basic understanding of food allergen hazards and their associated risks to consumers health.  The course has been designed to meet the allergen awareness requirements of the Food Information Regulations 2014.  It is therefore an ideal resource for all working in a food business whether they be front or back of house.

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The Course Duration

The estimated duration of this course is 1.5 hours. Candidates may log in and out of the system and therefore do not need to complete the course in a single sitting. Learner course progress is automatically saved, so that they may return to the course whenever they wish and as a result course completion is entirely in the hands of the learner.


The Course Access Period

Learners receive 90 days access to the course materials from the date of registration, therefore the course can be completed straightaway or at ones leisure.  Learners receive individual login details and can access the course using any device, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This provides learners with the flexibility to train on the go, whenever and wherever they wish and as a result provides a more economical training option for businesses small and large.

Candidates who are registered by their manger using the GROUP option will receive 90 days course access from the date an account is assigned to them, therefore allowing businesses to purchase multiple user accounts, safe in the knowledge that they will not expire until they are assigned to learners.

Course access ceases immediately following a successful final exam submission, thereafter course materials can not be viewed.


Who Requires The Food Allergen Awareness Course

The online Food Allergen Awareness course is suitable for the induction of new staff members or for development training of existing staff members. It will enable them to understand how allergens can affect the business in which they are working and their subsequent responsibilities.

The Food Information Regulations 2014 state that all staff in a food business whether in production or administration should receive basic allergen awareness training.

This course can also be used as a valuable part of a school, or other educational programme.  Furthermore the opportunity for learners to gain an instant achievement certificate is highly motivating.


The Course Content

The Food Allergen Awareness course consists of 3 core units, concluded by a final exam:


Each unit consists of topics and interim quizzes which must be completed prior to progress.  At each stage learners must click a ‘MARK COMPLETE’ button to progress. This serves as a means by which course progress can be tracked and is particularly useful in situations where learners are enrolled by a manager.

The use of clearly defined Units and Topics, provides candidates with a structured framework which allows them to set achievement targets as they progress through the course.  Each section of the course is marked with a green check following completion, which allows learners to leave and then easily recommence training.


The Course Aims

By the end  of the course learners should.

  • Identify the common symptoms of allergic reactions and food intolerance.
  • Recognise the importance of providing accurate allergen information and the potential implications of failing to provide correct information to consumers.
  • Identify food allergen cross contamination hazards and controls at specific process steps from purchase to service.
  • Understand methods of locating accurate allergen information.
  • Identify common food allergens and foods commonly causing intolerance.
  • Know common sources and vehicles of contamination, and appropriate hygiene controls that food handlers should follow to prevent allergenic contamination in catering businesses.
  • Recognise how allergen information can be provided effectively.

Achievement of these course aims will provide learners and their employers with a degree of confidence that safety levels in the particular work environment have been enhanced.  Additionally the receipt of an approved certificate will serve as a recognition of learner achievement and also provide proof if necessary of regulatory compliance.


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Click the BUY NOW button at the bottom of this page or the ADD TO CART button above to begin. We accept Individual or Multiple user registrations.  Furthermore managers can purchase as an individual and then convert to a group at a later stage.

We offer multiple learner enrolment discounts, which are applied straightaway to your purchase.

For details on multiple learner course purchases click here



You may begin training straightaway.  Following payment you will receive 90 days access to the course materials.  You will be logged into your course straightaway and login details will also be sent instantly to your email address.

Course access is available 24/7 and for 365 days a year.  Support services are available via telephone and email, and indeed you may contact us by email 24 hours a day.  The system will save your course progress automatically, therefore allowing you to leave and return to the course whenever you wish.

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The online final exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions and has a pass mark of 80%.   The final exam can be accessed straightaway after all of the course units have been completed. It does not have a time limit. During the final exam, course units cannot be accessed and therefore the exam integrity is maintained.

Free resits are available in the event that you make an unsuccessful exam submission.  Candidates may return to the course and review the content before resitting the exam.  Learners may resit the final exam on as many occasions as necessary to pass, as long as resits are made within the 90 day course access period.  There is no additional charge for resits and therefore only a single payment is required to complete this course.

step 4 certificate


The final certificate is instantly sent to your email address following a successful exam submission. Thereupon your course access will cease immediately.  You will receive an on-screen message confirming your result.

In the case of multiple learner enrolments, Group Leaders will instantly receive a copy of their learners certificate. Therefore providing an instant record of learner achievement.


Our CPD UK Membership Directory Profile
Following successful completion of the course, a high quality CPD Certified certificate will  be sent to your email address.  The CPD Certification Service is a recognised auditor of compliance courses and therefore CPD Approval can be used to provide evidence of your achievement, for the purposes of compliance and audit.

Additionally the certificate confirms that the course is recognised by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines.

Our certificates have unique certificate numbers which can be verified.

The Final Certificate Of The Food Allergen Awareness Course

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